Apple Watch Troubleshooting

IQAir AirVisual's latest Apple Watch app release will help to ensure that you always know the quality of the air around you.

Generally when an AirVisual Apple Watch problem appears, such as no data update, 'empty' data, or an empty complication, it is possible to troubleshoot by examining the following:

  1. Network Connection - Ensure that the watch is well connected to the phone, and that the phone is well connected to either internet or cellular data.
  2. Synchronization - To begin using the AirVisual app on your Apple Watch, the 'My Air' favorited locations must be synchronized with the watch app at the first app install.

You can synchronize the watch and phone app by following the steps provided here:

  1. Open the watch app (make sure that the watch is well connected to the phone, and that the phone has network access)
  2. Open the AirVisual app on the phone
  3. Pull down on the phone app's "My Air" page to refresh and synchronize with the open watch app

If you continue to have trouble, please don't hesitate to contact usfor further support.

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