IQAir Wins Reviewboard Magazine’s 2004 Editor’s Choice Award for Best Air Filtration System

IQAir North America announced today they have been awarded Reviewboard Magazine’s 2004 Editor’s Choice Award for Best Air Filtration System.

“We are honored by this award,” said Frank Hammes, President of IQAir. “Reviewboard’s staff told us we did a better job of filtering the air than any other air cleaner they’ve seen in the eight years they have been reviewing products.”’s Alexa ranking tool lists Reviewboard Magazine as the third largest consumer publication in the world. Their product reviews are read each year by more than 110 million readers in 54 countries worldwide. Alexa also lists Reviewboard as the #1 user ranked consumer publication in the world.

“People like Reviewboard because we really help them make informed decisions,” said Philip Ferreira, Editor-in-Chief of Reviewboard Magazine. “We don’t give readers six pages of confusing data. We give them plain English information they can actually use. We help our readers pick the very best products.”

IQAir air cleaning systems are used in hospitals around the world. Recently IQAir systems were chosen by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority as the only room air cleaners powerful enough to be used in the fight against SARS. IQAir makes these same medical grade air cleaners available to consumers for home use.

“We make the world’s most efficient room air cleaners,” says Hammes. “Our air cleaners can filter down below the size of a virus with a minimum of 99% guaranteed efficiency.”

“We were especially pleased that IQAir air cleaners produce zero ozone,” said Reviewboard’s Ferreira. “At Reviewboard we share the American Lung Association’s belief an air purifier should not produce even the tiniest amount of ozone. IQAir doesn’t make any ozone. They just make clean air, lots of it.”

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IQAir North America, Inc. is a member of the Swiss-based IQAir Group that develops, manufactures innovative air quality products for indoor environments. IQAir products are used worldwide by hospitals and other critical environments. IQAir also manufacture home air cleaning units for allergy and asthma sufferers and individuals with chemical sensitivities.

The number one air cleaning solution for your home.

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