IQAir Atem® wins GQ China and IT168 annual awards

IQAir, the global leader in air cleaning solutions, is pleased to announce that its Atem® Personal Air Purifier was awarded “The Best Office Air Purifier Choice” by GQ China, the Chinese edition of the world-renowned men’s fashion magazine.

Widely recognized as a revolutionary air purification technology, the AtemPersonal Air Purifier by the Swiss-based air quality solution innovator IQAir, has received multiple industry awards since its launch in 2017, including the 2018 Digital Award by GQ China, the Chinese edition of the world-renowned men’s fashion magazine, and the 2017 Product of the Year Award by IT168, China’s leading professional IT media platform.

The Best Office Air Purifier Choice—2018 GQ China Digital Awards

The top men's fashion magazine GQ China honored the IQAir Atem with the 2018 Digital Award for the healthy trends that this groundbreaking tech has encouraged among people as well as for its outstanding performance as a portable compact office gadget in reducing health risks.

With the workplace always crammed with people and with windows closed all year round, any organic matter in the air will encourage bacteria and mites to breed in the office HVAC system. The dust that accumulates on office furniture can easily cause asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions.

To keep people out of these troubles, IQAir developed the Atem, the world's first air purifier that can stream the purest possible air directly into a personal breathing zone. In just a few seconds, the Atem will deliver a gentle breeze as fresh as mountain air to you. Moreover, IQAir's proprietary HyperHEPA® filter can effectively capture both fine and ultrafine particles, such as pollen, allowing you to breathe clean air anywhere you go.

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