Enterprise & regular account difference

When logging on to view the AirVisual web dashboard and view your device data and access settings, you have 2 possible type of access:

Regular AirVisual account

The regular account (free) allows you to view the CO2 and PM2.5 AQI graphs, you can control your Nodes/Pros' settings and get your API link.

AirVisual Enterprise account

In addition to the regular account feature, the Enterprise account enables you to:

a) Keep a complete storage of your Node/Pro's data on AirVisual servers. In comparison, regular users only get their averaged data stored on AirVisual servers.
b) Setup email alerts when certain threshold are reached
c) Export the indoor and outdoor logs of all the measurements sent to AirVisual servers (not the aggregated data)
d) Sort Nodes/Pros based on criteria
e) Add an unlimited number of Nodes/Pros
f) Additional reports and graphs in the future. We're constantly adding extra features to the enterprise accounts.
g) Customize your own widget to display your Node/Pro's data

The regular account is free for all users. The Enterprise account requires a payment. Please contact AirVisual support to request the Enterprise account.

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