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Wildfire Map Spotlight: Hawaii Wildfires


What are the locations of the wildfires?

Wildfires in Hawaii are burning across multiple areas in the state of Hawaii (1)(2)(3). The wildfires have affected various regions on the islands of Maui and the Big Island.

The fires are being fed by high winds and dry conditions caused by Hurricane Dora passing south of the state.

Which cities or areas are affected by the wildfires?

The cities and areas directly impacted by the Hawaii Wildfires include:

  • Lahaina, Maui: The historic downtown area surrounding Front Street in Lahaina has been partly destroyed by the wildfire.
  • Kohala Ranch, Kula, and Lahaina areas: Evacuations are underway in these areas due to the threat posed by the fires.

What is the current containment status of the wildfires?

Due to the ongoing nature of the wildfires and the challenges posed by strong winds and dry conditions, containment efforts are still in progress.

Are there any evacuation orders or alerts in place?

Evacuation orders have been issued for various areas affected by the Hawaii wildfires. The emergency proclamation includes evacuations in the Kohala Ranch, Kula, and Lahaina areas (4). 

The situation is severe enough that non-essential air travel to Maui is being discouraged, and state agencies are ordered to assist with the evacuation efforts. The American Red Cross has also opened shelters to assist those affected by the fires and winds. The Coast Guard was involved in rescuing people from the water in Lahaina as they tried to escape the fast-moving fire.

How can I protect myself from wildfire smoke?

Always plan ahead to protect yourself from wildfire smoke.


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