Will AirVisual Pro work without Wi-Fi?


The AirVisual Pro's primary function, that is to accurately measure and show you the air in your environment, works perfectly well without Wi-Fi. WiFi connectivity simply enables additional features.

Without Wi-Fi:

  • Measures and displays PM2.5 and CO2 readings from the devices industrial-grade internal sensors

  • Offers tailored, plain-text recommendations to achieve the best air possible

  • Measures and displays temperature and relative humidity

  • The Node/Pro has 2 rotating screens:

  • Home screen displaying time, date, and recommendations.

  • PM2.5 and CO2 readings side-by-side, along with 24h historical graphs.

With Wi-Fi:

  • Can follow an outdoor station (check location availability on the air pollution map) to contrast nearby outdoor readings to indoor measurements

  • Displays outdoor pollution and weather forecast for followed location

  • Can follow the Node/Pro's readings on-the-go by adding the Node to your AirVisual air quality app

  • Can broadcast public outdoor data from the device, contributing to the global air quality map

  • The Node/Pro has 4 rotating screens:

  • Home screen displaying time, date, and recommendations.

  • Indoor/Outdoor contrast, displaying the Node's immediate PM2.5 readings side-by-side with your followed outdoor location's pollution data

  • CO2 readings with historical graph

  • Pollution & weather forecast for followed location

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