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Judge us by the company we keep. IQAir collaborates with leading organizations and partners who
share our passion for making the world a better place to breathe.

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Standalone Air-Purification 

Experience indoor air quality excellence; simply position, plug, and purify. Plus, manage multiple air purifiers across
various locations seamlessly with our Fleet Management functionality – a game-changer for businesses.

Clean air facilities

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IQAir is at the forefront of ensuring cleaner air for classrooms, campuses, and other advanced facilities. 

selection of IQAir partners
selection of IQAir partners
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HyperHEPA chart
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hands holding small plant with dirt
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woman working in factory

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    With so many air purification solutions available, how does IQAir select and develop its leading-edge technologies?

While others take shortcuts, IQAir boasts over 65 years of unrivaled air quality expertise. Our relentless commitment to research and development results in elite technologies, such as the unmatched HyperHEPA filtration.

2.    Why should I consider IQAir's air purification systems over other brands in the market?

Unlike standard brands, IQAir’s HealthPro Series offers revolutionary HyperHEPA technology. We filter an exceptional 99.5% of harmful ultrafine particles, solidifying our leadership and superior value in the industry.

3.    How do IQAir's Advanced Air Purification systems compare to standard HEPA filters?

Standard HEPA filters are outdated compared to our state-of-the-art HyperHEPA filtration technology, which is tested, proven, and certified to capture particles 100 times smaller than HEPA filters. This means powerful protection from particles of all sizes, from dust, to pollen, to bacteria, and even viruses.

4.    Are IQAir's purification systems effective against specific air pollutants and pathogens, such as pollen, mold, or even viruses like SARS-CoV-2?

While other manufacturers make claims, our HyperHEPA filtration is third-party certified to capture particles down to 0.003 microns. This includes viruses as small as SARS-CoV-2. IQAir’s superior protection was trusted by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority trusted us during critical SARS outbreaks and has been used in many other settings where medical-grade clean air was essential.

5.    What are the recommended placements for different IQAir purification within my home or facility?

The main considerations are where in the room are the pollution concentrations the highest and where is the airflow the greatest, such as near doors and windows. Avoid obstacles that impede airflow. Avoid placing in corners but it doesn’t have to be in the middle of a room – placing it on one side of a room works well because the fan will create its own airflow path. And if you need any assistance, our expert team is always available to provide precise guidance tailored for maximum efficiency in your space.

6.    Do IQAir systems require consistent maintenance, and if so, how often?

IQAir systems are designed for endurance and efficiency. While maintenance is minimal, doing so ensures our machines outlast and outperform competitors. Consult your manual for specifics.

7.    How frequently should I be replacing filters in my IQAir system?

Our filters are built for longevity. While competitors might need frequent replacements, IQAir systems provide extended performance. However, for best results, monitor filter indicators and consult your manual.

8.    Is IQAir involved in any partnerships or programs that can assist schools or businesses in acquiring air purifiers at a more accessible rate?

Recognizing our industry leadership, many institutions have partnered with IQAir, including the American Red Cross, UNEP, GreenPeace, and the American Lung Association. And through the IQAir Foundation we have made our top-tier air quality solutions accessible to schools and businesses that prioritize superior air quality.

9.    How can I engage with IQAir for customized solutions tailored to my organization's needs?

When organizations demand the best, they turn to IQAir. Please fill out our CONTACT US FORM for any assistance, or reach out to our specialized business solutions team by phone at 866-500-4090; you can also CLICK HERE to schedule a call and we'll collaborate to elevate your organization's air quality beyond standard expectations.

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images showing IQAir mask, AirVisual platform, HealthPro Plus, and woman stretching
images showing IQAir mask, AirVisual platform, HealthPro Plus, and woman stretching