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PF40 Replacement Filter Pads (Optional)

Ensure your PF40 Kit operates at peak capacity by replacing the filter pads in a timely manner. This will allow your IQAir system to trap the most coarse-dust particles possible. Please note that this is a replacement filter package, not the PF40 Kit. This replacement filter set includes five pads.

Replacement interval: Varies – check and wash every 2-4 weeks, then replace when washing is no longer effective. This replacement filter purchase includes five pads.


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The HealthPro Plus is designed with 4 filtration stages:

HyperHEPA Filteration:

Eliminates fine and ultrafine particles like bacteria, viruces, and combustion particles.

V5 Cell Granular Activated Carbon Adsorption & pelletized Chemisorption:

Filters volatile organic compounds (the cause of odors) and other harmful chemicals like formaldehyde.

Pre Max Micro-particle Filtration:

Traps coarse particles like pollen, pet dancer, and mold spores.

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